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Also known as - Hep B and HBV

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Clinic Locations

      I found a clinic. Now what?

      Questions you might want to ask on the phone

      Picking out the right clinician or service provider in advance can save you a lot of time and stress. Below are some questions you might ask over the phone before making an appointment. You may be able to get some of these questions answered in advance by checking out the website of the place you are interested in visiting.

      1. Hello, I am interested in _______. Is this a service your office provides?
        • Note: Before you call, know what type of service you are looking for. Your first question should be to confirm the organization or office provides the service you need – whether it’s testing, treatment, vaccination, education or something else.
      2. Is your program currently accepting new clients?
      3. What types of insurance does your office accept?
      4. How long will I have to wait for a new appointment?
      5. What days and times is your office open?
      6. What public transportation stops are near your office?
      7. Does your office have experience working with ____________.
        • Note: If you have special language needs or want a doctor who is experienced with patients with certain needs (mental health, addiction issues, etc.), asking before you arrive will help you figure out if the practice is a good match for you.

      Download these questions in a printable format (PDF)

      Questions About Getting Tested For Hepatitis

      Below are some questions you might ask during your appointment about getting tested for hepatitis.

      Note: Prior to testing, your nurse or doctor may ask you questions about your sexual history, any prior drug use, the types of jobs you have held, any piercings or tattoos you might have, and information regarding the health of your parents. These are standard risk questions so don’t be alarmed! If you answer honestly, it will help your doctor to better help you.

      1. Do I need to get tested for hepatitis?
      2. How many tests are there and what do they involve?
      3. What is the difference between having an acute or a chronic hepatitis infection?
      4. If I test negative, are there ways to make sure I do not get hepatitis in the future?
      5. If I test positive, how much will it affect my life?
      6. Do my friends or family need to get tested?

      Download these questions in a printable format (PDF)

      questions about managing a hepatitis infection

      The following is a list of questions that might help you and your provider make decisions about managing your health if you have tested positive for a viral hepatitis infection.

      1. What tests will I need to have run now?
      2. What is my viral load? What does my viral load mean for me?
      3. Do I have liver damage? If so, how severe is the damage?
      4. What treatment options are available?
      5. Do I need to start treatment now?
      6. How long will treatment last?
      7. Do I have any other conditions that will complicate treatment?
      8. Should I be tested for other types of hepatitis or other diseases?
      9. What medications should I avoid while I am on treatment?
      10. What changes to my lifestyle should I make before I start treatment?
      11. How often will I have doctor appointments?
      12. How will treatment affect my daily life? Will treatment affect my ability to work?
      13. What side effects will I have?
      14. Are there any long-term risks from treatment?
      15. How frequently should I have appointments to monitor my condition?
      16. Is there anything I need to do before my next appointment?
      17. What is the best way to contact your office if I have questions before my next visit?
      18. Other questions you want to ask: _________________________

      Download these questions in a printable format (PDF)